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for statistics to and just, to talk about how u.s. students are doing in math and reading. ♪ host: said it has been about one week since bank of america announced new bank fees for debit card holders. in that time, protests have been heard from the floor. this morning, we want to hear from you. get your reaction to bank fees and whether or not you think they are fair. phone numbers are on the screen. if you are a republican, for republicans, 202-737-0001. for democrats, 202-624-1111. for independents, 202-624-0760. please allow 30 days between your calls. you can contact us electronically as well. e-mail us batboy spanwj -- e-mail us at, or you can -- e-mail us at journal@c-, send us a twitter at, or post to our facebook page. mr. constantine is the author of open quote price list: bringing down the visa and mastercard cartel." bank of america said recently that they would charge $5 a month for the use of debit cards. they argued they were forced to make that change because of regulations that alter the economics of the card. ot
project on u.s. prohibition. later, stephen tankel of american university joins us to discuss pakistan and global terrorism. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] host: house and senate members are back in washington this week with a vote to keep the government running for six weeks scheduled in the house today. yesterday the senate moves forward on a bill to punish china for keeping the value of the currency lower. and on capitol hill, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke will appear before the joint economic committee at 10:00 a.m. to discuss operation twist, the next efforts to boost the economy. live coverage on c-span 3 this morning. president obama will travel to texas to stump for his jobs bill, pledging monday to personally lobby congressional leaders to pass legislation. we will begin with campaign 2012 this morning and get your perspective on a presidential bid from new jersey gov. chris christie. he has not said if he is in or out but we want to hear from all of you this morning. we also have a fourt
or send us a tweet. thursday morning. it is a foggy day in the nation's capital. we will try to break through all of that with the discussion of the passage of the free-trade agreement. with so much discussion about the economy, we would like to hear what you think about this and whether this is a plus for the economy. whether it will be a job creator or something that will affect jobs in the united states in a negative way. all lines are open and you can send an e-mail or tweet or comments on facebook. a story from "the new york times" about this. someone who has been following these trade negotiations for quite awhile, writes for bloomberg and business week -- "bloombergbusinessweek" has a story about the passage. what do you think about the "the new york times" analysis? guest: this is actually the biggest in terms of a trade partner, the biggest trade partner we have a free-trade agreement with. since a naphtha -- since nafta and 1994 -- talking about south korea. it is a larger deal compared to the ones that were signed in the past decade or so. and by the white house estimated i
2012 presidential race with lenny curry and delicate u.s. efforts to encourage foreign- based businesses to open in united states with nancy mclernon, president of the national law the organization for business investment. w j" is next. -- "washington journal" is next. host: good morning parade joe lieberman at connecticut and susan colin of maine say that congress should freeze the pay of federal employees for the third year, saying that it would save about $32 billion. also in the papers this morning, citing cost is a concern, the white house has dropped a vision of health care law that would provide a lifetime benefit in the event of illness or disability. it is known as the class act being dropped by the administration. and its role in the larger health-care law. we want your thoughts on this decision by the white house. if you want to give us a call, the numbers are on the screen. if you want to send us an e- mail, make your thoughts on -- thoughts known by that., and if you are familiar with twitter and can keep your comments to 140 characters are less,
? give us a call, send us an e- mail or tweet, or post on our facebook page. 14% of the public approves of the job that congress is doing according to the latest poll, lower than the other elections when the majority partner -- party is on the verge of losing power in the house. they asked several questions about the approval rating of congress, with little hope of what that deficit reduction committee could do. when they passed how likely that republicans and democrats will agree on a deficit reduction plan, 20% say it is likely, a 24% say that it is unlikely. -- 74% say that it is unlikely. they also ask if they could not agree, that is, the super committee, do you support or oppose major cuts from military and domestic programs? 57% oppose that idea, 36% supported. on president john -- on president obama's approval rating, it slipped from 47% before the debt ceiling debate, to 42% now with 54% disapproving, a record low 35% approve of his handling of the economy. this is a change from september when they were evenly split at 42% each. some republicans say that the comparison between
to pay the rest of us $3.50 an hour in the 1960's. host: you can also send us e- mail at this is the scene from times square. that is the nasdaq symbol, not far from broadway and became crown zero and the new york rallies go across the globe. here is a story, that the world wide protest were not court netted but not quite spontaneous. -- coordinated but not quite spontaneous. that essentially summarizes what happened over the weekend inside the "new york times" and robert joins us from of rhode island. caller: where it should be heading is that we have all of these people unemployed due to jobs being sent overseas. they should bring them back for the same about money, and i can almost guarantee you -- i am an accountant -- they could manufacture those jobs here in the united states, give people a living wage, give them pensions and fringe benefits and put people back to work. just like the person they call before, who has the skills in textiles, items like that. put them back to work by starting to open up those close the factories, and using american workers.
by the defense secretary. your thoughts? you can also reach us electronically. if you have called us in bill last 30 days, -- called us in the last three days, pick up a keyboard. you can follow us on twitter @cspanwj or on facebook. this is the way the story is reported yesterday, the lead story in this morning's "washington times." "defense secretary says automatic spending cuts would be words."s' in his the article goes on to say -- that is what we want to talk about for the first half-hour of the program. we want to show you a little bit about what the defense secretary had to say to the house armed services committee, covered by c-span yesterday. this is where the secretary talks to the committee about congressional dysfunction being a national security issue. >> i think that one of the great national security threats is the this functionality of the but congress and its inability to confront the issues we face now. i think your concern is this committee that has been established might fail to provide the leadership that has been given, or the responsibility it has been given to be able to c
in line for herman cain supporters. 202-737-0001. all others, 202-737-0002. if you wish to send us an e- mail, our twitter address is it is also our question of the day on facebook. if you have not seen it yet, here it is. >> mark bloc here. since january, i have had the privilege of being the chief of staff of herman cain. tomorrow, we are one day closer to the white house. i really believe that herman cain will foot the united back in the united states of america. if i did not believe that, i would not be here. america has never seen a candidate like herman cain. we need you to get involved. together, we can do this. we can take this country back. america, one voice, united we stand ♪ host: this is the blog from "the washington post." host: "the guardian," newspaper this morning has this -- "the worst ad in history of politics. " if you go to the state -- the pages of "the weekly standard, closed but they have a link to the ad. host: that is just some of the reaction this morning as far as web blogs. if you want to give us a call, the number
by president clinton. to get your taught -- thoughts, if you want to give us a call, the numbers are on the bottom of your screen. to give you some context about the president's' initiative this week, let's show you a bit of tape first. first up, we're going to show you -- this is president obama and here's a bit about the message that he is sending and the message theapts to send particularly as he faces congress. >> on monday we announce a new policy to help families whose home values have fallen to refinance their mortgages and to save up to thousands of dollars a year. all these steps aren't going to take the place of the needed action that congress has to get going on. they're still going to have to pass this jobs bill. they have to create jobs, they've got to grow the economy. but these executive actions we're taking can make a difference. and i've told my administration that we are going to look every single day to figure out what can we do without congress? steps that can save you money and make government more efficient and responsive and help heal this economy. so beer
are eligible to work in the u.s. "washington journal" is next. ♪ host: 1100 n. not paid peras morning, congressional leaders to say that president obama's jobs bill will not be at the top of their agenda when they reconvene next week. mitt romney saying they expect her raise up to $13 million. president obama expects more than 55 meghan dollars. when it comes to savings in the united states, saving rates are down. in august, only 4.5% of income was saved by americans. this is the "washington journal " for october 1, 2011. wlaki ish of anwar a an all the papers. this is scott shane writing for ".e "new york times begi claiming that killing him, and it goes on what the story. editorials of paper is taking a look at this topic, such as the "new york daily news." two perspectives from the world of politics this morning. president obama talking about the effort in the organization that was behind the targeted killing. this is what he had to say >> the death of his of awlaki major active al qaeda's most organizational feel it. he was the organizer 4 al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. he too
's debt problem problems. "washington journal" is next. host: a live view of the u.s. capitol in which the marine corps marathon is taking place here and the house and senate are in session. that is important because we have had this on again off again schedule the last couple of weeks. the deficit reduction committee with another public meeting actuals. the president in washington until thursday then goes to france for the g-20 summit. social security no longer paying for itself and adding to budget problems. "des moines register" a new poll giving the lead to herman cain and mitt romney. with caucuses taking place in january and "new york times" reporting troops will be repositioned to kuwait. we will begin on this sunday morning with your calls and comments on the issue of the presidential executive orders and the u.s. constitution, the speaker of the house weighing in this. the numbers are on the screen. host: we will also take your tweets and you can sends us an e-mail. we begin with this editorial tame for boehner and -- time for boehner and house republicans to bring obama to he
pieces this morning that suggested could be a template for future u.s. missions. the concept of libya -- a new model for? -- a new model for war? our question, again, libya, a new model for war? good morning. to set the stage about the u.s. approach under the leadership of president obama to the libya mission, let me show you some of the headlines today. for example, "the wall street journal" today. "the wall street journal" today. in "the new york times," an analysis for obama. and, "the financial times." the front page of "the washington post" today. that front-page piece looks at the leadership style. on the line with us is mark landler, who wrote the article for "the new york times." thank you for being with us. guest: good morning. glad to be here. host: give us the essence of what you explored in your piece. guest: i was exploring the way president obama has begin to set out a discernible foreign policy. as you said, it contrasts quite clearly with the bush administration and many presidents before him. it is one that emphasizes surgical strikes over massive troop deployment. it
, give us a call at the first telephone number. if you have gained a job in the last six months, your number is the second number. if you have stopped looking for work altogether right now, the last number. you can also reach us electronically by e-mail. you can also join us on twitter or facebook. this is how it is being reported in some of the major newspapers. the jobs numbers that came out yesterday in the "washington post," it is their lead headline. jobs report offers a respite. the unemployment rate holding steady at nine want -- 9.1%. >> in the "new york times," also their lead story -- also, of one more item that we want to take a look at before we go to the phones. the front page of this morning's "wall street journal." this is a story from the "wall street journal." we will get back to that later in this segment. we want to talk about the story behind the unemployment numbers. the first call comes from washington, d.c., on our line for those who have lost a job in the last six months. michael, you are on the "washington journal." >> actually, i gained a
reporters eric shmitt and thom about the u.s. campaign against al-qaeda. later, albert teich from the american association for the advancement of science on funding for research and development. "washington journal" is next. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] host: on this monday morning, a man who would like to occupy the white house, herman cain, -- that says two women accused him of inappropriate behavior. the cain campaign blames washington establishment critics, saying they are eager to bring down mr. cain, who is doing well and opinion polls and fund raising. we are following around watch -- him around washington today. we will see him as early as 9:00 a.m. eastern at the american enterprise institute on c-span2. we wanted to about the story and what it might mean for the campaign. we have a separate line just for herman cain supporters this morning. we want to hear your thoughts, of course, about the breaking story and the push back by the cain campaign. here is the story as it broke in politico l
is the number to call. you can also e-mail us jou you can also find us on are on facebook under the handle of c-span. let's take a look at what he writes. why haven't there been a tea party on the left and can the president develop a functional relationship, he says those questions are not asked very often. do you think there is the equivalent of 80 party on the left, or would you like to see more of a warrant? let's hear from the democrats' line. caller: i think it would be a great idea to have 80 party on the left. -- a tea party on the left. more exposure to that health care act, not obama care. i can tell you three instances where it really helped out my family and relatives. i think it would be a great idea. host: what would the major tenants of it be? what would our people together? caller: kind of like the wall street protesters. the american middle class is slowly disappearing. i have been knocked down to about $28,000 a year, which is poverty level basically. the death of the middle-class is one of the things that holds together the nation. [unintelligible] i know you d
are the numbers to call. if you are unemployed, 202- 628-0124. you can send us an e-mail or tweet, or find us on facebook. what you think about the idea of protecting the unemployed from bais when they go looking for job -- from bias. selena katia found a temporary job at a delivery company that master qualifications. but the 55-year-old from cleveland said the reporter from the employment agency if told her she would not be considered for the job since she had been out of work too long. do you think this is necessary? have you experienced discrimination? let's look at what is happening with the jobs bill. that will be up for votes in the senate tomorrow. the senate looks at taking up that legislation. it has been nearly two weeks since president obama urged a crowd of supporters in denver to turn up the heat on lawmakers in washington to pass the $447 -- $447 billion jobs bill. let's go to the phones call. and from west palm beach, democrats line, richard, good morning. caller: good morning. why do they give the president sent a hard time to pass a jobs bill? i have been out of work five yea
when president obama announcement last thursday to withdraw u.s. troops from iraq. a live view of the u.s. capitol. sunday morning, october 23. voting taking place in tunisia for the first time in 22 years. they start to fall -- form a new government. government leaders failing to unveil a plan to resolve the eight european debt crisis. another round of talks set for wednesday. we will congress for the first 35 minutes on the comments of president karzai. no official response from the white house. for democrats, 202-737-0001. for republicans, 202-737-0002. for independents, 202-628-0205. we will get to your calls in just a moment. abc news is the month of upset with more details on this developing story overnight. hamid karzai as saying that if afghanistan and pakistan ever went to war, they would back up pakistan. such a scenario is exceedingly unlikely, he writes. his remarks appeared to be less a series of statement of policy than an overture to pakistan. this cooperation is sorely needed it afghanistan is to have any stabilization after years of civil war. "the secretary of state last
to find out what you think about what the president had to say yesterday about u.s. troops being out of iraq by the end of the year. if you want to get involved in the conversation, here are the numbers. if you want to send us an e- mail, at this is our e-mail address. the baltimore sun has the president's announcement broken down by the numbers. obama says troops out of iraq by december 31. announcement marks the close of one of the longest and divisive awards in the country's history. the war in iraq by the numbers. 4482, the u.s. military deaths in iraq since then. $700 billion, excluding the human toll, the cost of the military operation in iraq, according to the defense department. 170,000, the height of the u.s. involvement, the number of u.s. troops serving in iraq. 39,000, the number of u.s. troops remaining in iraq today. 160, the number of troops that would remain after december 31. to help us get some more perspective on this story, we bring in by telephone, and james kitfield. welcome to the "washington journal." give us a little bit of perspective on this. talk as to how
government to assassinate a foreign ambassador, here in the united states. ♪ host: the u.s. says that the two men accused of terrorist plots, they say that it was conceived, supported, and directed by elements of the iranian government. good morning, everyone. this is wednesday, october 12. we want to get your reaction to this story this morning. for republicans, 202-737-0002. for democrats, 202-737-0001. for independents, 202-628-0205. we will get to your phone calls in just a minute. joining us on the phone, a u.s. foreign-policy national security editor. let's begin with what we know about these connections to the iranian government. caller: a good question. iran has not been known to attack targets in the united states. certainly in recent years. while we are all skeptical, evidence seems to show significant ties to iran. host: what is the evidence? caller: one of the main suspects says that he was working with people that he believed to be part of the elite arm of the islamic revolutionary guard corps. i will not say wiretaps, but there appears to be elements in which there were plots di
: but was it worth, if you do not mind telling us? caller: the house was paid for. it was refinanced. it was valued at $190,000. after the refinance they promised me, based on a strong income and everything else -- when i went to closing, they said that it was worth less than half. host: say that again? $50,000? caller: it was valued at $190,000. it got devalued to $90,000. and then they wanted to pop open an adjustable in my face. it was a ridiculous business decision. tell the people of america not to look at their homes as a personal check of personality. look at it as a very bad business decision that was hoodwinked by wall street and the bankers, as we all know. host: let's get some other voices in here. samuel? caller: i do not think that it will help the vast majority of homeowners. they say that this program will only help 1 million. at the end of the day, the people that make these programs and decisions are rich. they are so far removed from the average working person, they cannot come up with any program to help the average working person. the jobs are not there. the wages are so low. th
:00 a.m. eastern. on c-span, "washington journal" next fall by live coverage of today's u.s. house session. in about 45 minutes, we will discuss the economy and jobs with two members of congress. host: good morning, thursday, october 6. you're watching "washington journal." we will be on until 9:00 a.m. this morning. both the house and senate are in session this morning. they continue to work on the china currency bill in the senate. we are going to open up our phone lines this morning to talk about the death of apple computer's steve jobs. in the papers this morning, he is held on know the front page of every paper that we have. there was a statement from the white house on his passing last night. words being used are visionary, a changed society, and a comparison to edison. the president called him the embodiment of the spirit of ingenuity. we like to hear from you about the spirit of ingenuity and whether or not steve jobs was uniquely american and we want to hear your comments on out. 202-737-0002 for republicans. 202-737-0001 for democrats. 202-628-0205 four independents -- fo
of religious faith. 202-737-0002, 0001 for tkefpls. give us a call and tell us whether you think faith matters, specifically mitt romney's mormon faith. you can e-mail us also. response from this bill bennett it is bigotry. bill bennett speaking at the value voters summit rebucking the pastor who described morm mormonism as a cult. bennett said the baptist church leader had given the voice of bigotry in his remarks. jefress gave a fiery speech endorsing perry and later told reporters he didn't believe romney is a christian. our phone lines are open. first is rebecca from grand rapids, michigan line for democrats. does mitt romney's faith matter, rebecca? good morning. caller: some time our mother got then she sent me out to brigham young which was a wonderful college. the got no complaints about people or, you know, the college or anything like that. the problem with mormonism is that it has these goofy ideas la like that god was once a man and in other words your goal in life when you become a mormon is to obey all the rules and there are a million of them, and when you get married in the tem
about u.s. housing. >> i asked congress to pass a law that tells 1 million students they don't have to pay more than 10% of their income toward student loans. about 1.6 million americans could see their payments go down by hundreds of dollars a month. host: good morning. it is thursday, october 27, 2011. that was president obama in denver yesterday before a crowd of college students announcing his executive order on student loan debt restructuring and in some cases debt forgiveness. we will open up our phone lines to talk about this program and whether or not you think it is appropriate for the many millions of people who have a standing college debt. here are the phone lines. good thursday morning to you. we are going to be here for just two hours today. house of representatives in early trade later on, two members of congress, fresh mint tea party member diane black and a longer term member of congress, part of the blue dog the coalition, dennis cardoza, who has announced his decision to leave the congress. two different points of view about their terms in congress and we will tal
in the conversation, the numbers are -- if you want to get in touch with us electronically this morning, the address on e-mail is if you want to follow the conversation on facebook, our address is here is the op-ed in this morning's "the wall street journal" by harold ford, jr., who writes -- host: the op-ed piece by harold ford, jr. goes on to say -- host: we want to find out from you -- where are the job? are they in your neighborhood, in your town, in your state? our first call comes from gastonia, n.c. on the line for independents. you are on the "washington journal." caller: the jobs have left america -- occupy wall street should be talking about free trade. when congress gets together and passes these last three trade bills -- watch the jobs had to panama, south korea, and colombia. it's a shame when congress gets together. i would rather they keep fighting. host: let's move on to georgia on the line for democrats. george, you are on the "washington journal." go ahead. caller: i know there are jobs out there. i know there are jobs out there. host: where
contact us electronically as well be a email -- here is rick perry yesterday at the western republican leadership conference. >> scrapping of the 3 million words of the current tax code -- starting over with something simpler, a flat tax. i want to make the tax code so simple that even timothy geithner can file his taxes -- taxes on time. host: from "the financial times" this morning -- that is from "the financial times" this morning. ian "the wall street journal" on this issue of the flat tax -- mr. perry hinted the direction he would take when he criticized mr. cain's idea -- that is an "the wall street journal." 202 is the area code -- john is an independent in lancaster, pennsylvania. caller: it has not worked. nobody has really come up with a good idea. steve forbes drive this many years ago and it did not work. herman cain's thing is ridiculous and perry i think is grabbing at straws. we need tax reform. what the republicans are doing is trying to get taxes so low that social services will be curtailed, everything will be privatized, so they can just go hand-in-hand with private
recent article on the new working class and the changing economic demographics and the u.s. then economist bill hample of the credit union national association on u.s. credit unions. after that, kevin concannon of the agricultural department will discuss the national school lunch program. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] host: president obama's jobs bill faces its first hurdle in the senate today. live coverage on c-span2 with the vote expected around 2:00 p.m. today. he will travel to pittsburgh to push congress to pass the $447 billion american jobs act. we will cover his speech at c- on the house side debate begins on the free-trade agreement with south korea, colombia, and panama. to into c-span for that debate. the senate finance committee will mark of the pending trade agreements as well and the coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. on c-span 3. good morning on this tuesday morning, october 11. we will begin with education. "the washington times" reports the senate and house are working o
about the jobs plan, i think it's a great idea, but you see us republicans, we made a big mistake by not accepting the jobs plan. and we made a big mistake because now president obama is going to drag out the jobs plan, he's going to do it piece by piece over these months, and the american people are going to actually know what's in the bill. and that plays to our disadvantage. we should have taken the bill, accepted it, you know, if it worked, it worked. if it didn't work, it didn't work, because the american people forget. they have short memories. now we're going to drag it all out. that's my opinion. host: a little bit more on the political side from this piece this morning -- host: we need bold, bipartisan action in congress, said mr. obama's communications director. host: here's a little bit from john mccain recently on the president's three-day jobs tour that he took. here's what he had to say. >> so, the president has taken to the road. i mean, he spent a number of minutes attacking our plan, and i understand that. i think he has the, certainly in a political venue, the ri
joins us. we will talk with tucker carlson of the "daily caller" about the republican presidential race. and then a look at the health of the other end largest banks. yalman onaran of "bloomberg businessweek" is our guest. ♪ host: jenin the pagano appears before the senate to the sherry -- janet napolitano appears before the senate judiciary committee this morning. in other news, from "the wall street journal," this morning, the pentagon restricting the amount of detainee is coming out of guantanamo bay. as a sign of growing popularity, fantasy sports leagues have launched a political action committee. it is october 19, a 3 hour program for you today. in an interview with abc news that took place yesterday, president obama compared the occupy wall trapped -- walt -- occupy wall street's movements and that he party -- and the tea party. what did you see previously when it came to the tea party as far as the tone of the rally and messages delivered? 202-737-0001 for those of you who support the occupied protest. -- occupy protest. 202-737-000240 party supporters. -- 0002 for tea party s
is another way to get your message across to us on the "washington journal." we welcome your comments there as well. here is one on the work of this super committee. this story on reuters, they call it an exclusive. as they do their work, democrats want tax hikes to be the first item negotiated. they are afraid that taxes will not be talked about at all. dallas, texas, crystal, independent, good morning. caller: this is one of the biggest discussions that you could ever really solve. however you put it, everyone has their own suggestion. the gentle man who made the remark as to section 8 and how they walk around with cellphones and stuff like that. honestly, as a single mother, i know someone who -- as someone who gets the help, he can kiss my bottom. he has no idea what it is to struggle and do the best for your kids. they're people that work their butts off every single day and they work and then they make minimum wage, which barely pays for their gas, let alone their electric bills, $300 a month. unfortunately, he honestly has never had to deal with that. as for the attorney genera
are growing. used to be a small city. host: why bean think it is? caller: i don't know. i really don't know the answer, peter. host: what do you think about your governor running for president? caller: bad move. caller: we don't want him to win, peter. he has done too much in texas. caller: he has done a good job in texas. i want him to stay down here as governor. host: we will talk to you in a month. anthony is a republican in north dakota. caller: hello. i just would like to say that it seems like everything just keeps getting worse and due to the fact that the government keeps a running in -- butting into the economy. hello? host: we will leave it there. jean on the democrats' line. caller: i am almost losing my mind. since they stopped the cost of living increase for social security i am getting ready to sign my third lease on the 15th of november. and each year it is going up, up. my rent is going up, up. everything is going up, up. and everybody is talking about cutting social -- discontinuing social security. we have already paid for two years of decrees. -- decrease. nobody is sayin
of something. -- pot of something. herman cain is trying to give us a simple answer to the largest, deepest, and widest economic malaise that we have seen in our country's history and it is not that easy. host: david is a republican in texas. caller: good morning. i think he has an interesting plan and it's more or less a starting point. the discussion on sunday with david gregory was in lightning. opponents cannot seem to understand the underlying idea that there are so many hidden taxes passed through the cost of goods to everyone, and we will pay the national sales tax, but overall we will be paying a lower price of goods and services. look at the cost of telecommunications 20 years ago, a three-minute phone call from texas to georgia was probably $5. it's practically free now. there's does so much. the thing that i would like to see, whether we could someday get to a fair tax, we take hundreds of billions of dollars to collect these taxes. making a flat tax and fare system that collects money that's lost through the underground economy and such will raise so much more money. lowering th
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